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6/20/2019 1:30 pm  #1

BoL/Everywhen on MeWe?

I signed up for MeWe during the first wave of G+ migrations, but ended up dropping it.  For those of you who are on that platform, how good is the BoL/Everywhen discussion?  Good enough to warrant signing up again?


6/21/2019 7:14 am  #2

Re: BoL/Everywhen on MeWe?

“How good is the BoL/Everywhen discussion?” Well, it’s all really subjective, isn’t it? All I can say is that it works for me. However…I seem to recall that you said all that appeared on the Everywhen community page was news on forthcoming Everywhen products. And I can see your point there.

But Garnett Elliot in particular is always posting details of his work in progress and is more than happy to engage in discussion on what he’s doing. For example, he’s developing a supplement for EW called The Lost Province, that he describes thus:

“The central idea was: what if Clark Ashton Smith wrote stories set in a ‘lost province’ of medieval Spain, instead of France? How different would the Averoigne cycle be if it had been based in another country?”

So far he’s posted ideas for rules on djinn assisting sorcerers to cast spells; example spells; a take on  priestly powers; a brief adventure set in Cantaros, the capital of Tolorosa (the Lost Province) which while not fully developed is enough to run a short session in; and a simple but elegant duelling system “…to simulate a cinematic, high-stakes fight between Heroes and Rivals that goes beyond the usual attrition of lifeblood.” This is fast, straightforward and brutal, and provides an alternative to the detailed duelling system provided in Honor+Intrigue.

Basically Garnett is sharing his drafts for the forthcoming supplement and is happy for people to chip in with criticism and comment – Phil Garrad, co-author of EW, pointed out a gap in the duelling rules and provided a solution. I’ve adapted a Flashing Blades scenario and ran it with EW and used the duelling system to settle fights between a PC and villains, and posted my impressions of the system.

Just a matter of hours ago Garnett posted a map of The Lost Province.

On the BoL community page Neil Benson posts links to reports on the games he runs at conventions; Charles Letourneau posted up his character sheet for their BoL Dark Sun game; Norton Glover posted a fillable BoL character sheet; Thomas Weghofer and I had a discussion about how to stat the  werewolf from the Kane story ‘Reflections For The Winter Of My Soul’ (he was putting the plot into a Lemurian game). There is admittedly less traffic on the BoL page than the Everwhen one, but EW is the more recently published game and new material still keeps appearing for it.

But I agree that there could be more discussion. Unfortunately, one drawback of social media sites (in my opinion) is that you can easily just click on an emoticon to show approval, which means that you don’t actually post a reply, which leads to a lost opportunity to communicate and have a discussion.

Which is why I prefer forums. But there is hardly a torrent of discussion here either.People need to get involved to generate discussions, but nowadays people are just used to clicking on a ‘like’.

That said, I enjoy MeWe, but then I post stuff on it and reply to other people’s posts. That’s what most gamers seem to have got out of the habit of doing. We have as a group, got passive, and expect to be entertained by others. 

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My real name is Steve Hall

6/21/2019 10:34 am  #3

Re: BoL/Everywhen on MeWe?

Ohh, and the other thing I'm not so wild about on MeWe, or any other social media site, is that unlike forums it can take a while to keep track of stuff. You constantly have to scroll down to find the various contributions on a topic, as it's engineered to just show the latest posts, as opposed to letting you find all the entries on one topic. 

However, that could just be me being a non-tech savvy person! 

And while I'm here, I wasn't intending to criticise people for not posting on sites - I know we all have other calls on our time. My point was though, that if a large number of people don't post, a site (social media or forum) then the site will not have any momentum. I'm sure most people have something they could contribute to an ongoing discussion or something they could post that other would find interesting - but for some reason most people don't contribute.

My real name is Steve Hall

6/21/2019 12:38 pm  #4

Re: BoL/Everywhen on MeWe?

I’m very guilty of not actively posting (here or there) to keep topics active...I’ll skip the litany of excuses. But I do miss good BoL banter!


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