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5/14/2019 8:23 am  #1

Another Everywhen Firefly game

Last Sunday we played another EW Firefly game. One of the crew of Captain Clementine Tree’s ship, the Funky Monkey Business, is a nephew of frontier gangster Adelai Niska. Sergei has been hiding from Niska for the beginning of the campaign, but at the end of the last game he decided enough was enough and said he wanted to take him down. The crew agreed to help, as Sergei also intended to loot Niska’s skyplex.

The Alliance government has finally moved against Niska, and he was due in court planetside (his skyplex is in geostationary orbit around Ezra) to be tried for corruption, tax evasion, and fraud. Sergei’s came up with a plan to loot the skyplex while Niska was in court (knocking out the goons and staff with a gas) and also plant explosives in Niska’s quarters. And when Niska returned from a day in court and rants and raves in his quarters (the crew will have infiltrated his IT system and can check his location by his own security cameras), Sergei will phone him, say “Hello Uncle”, and then blow a hole in the wall of his quarters, sucking the villain into space to his death!

It was a good plan, and they spent all their available money on buying the necessary equipment. Unfortunately they never got to use it as the Feds had the skyplex under surveillance and as they flew close to Niska’s lair, they were instructed to land at Ezra spaceport and meet the head to the Federal Marshal Taskforce. This was a Senior Marshal they had crossed paths with before, who hated their guts. But when Niska did not turn up for the first day in court, the top Fed asked for help in arresting Niska on his skyplex; as Sergei had grown up on the base and knew it intimately. The crew agreed and were sworn in as deputies in the County Sheriff’s force and then attached to the Feds.

Highlights included fighting a few diehard criminals on the skyplex (most wisely surrendered); finding out that Niska had actually left the skyplex a month ago and wiped all trace of his flight on the skyplex systems and on the Ezra Spaceport near orbit flight logs (boy, were the Feds annoyed!); and Sergei having a chat with his cousin Mikhail the next day in a coffee shop on Ezra, where Mikhail gave him Niska’s location and explained that he was taking over the organisation and wanted Uncle Adelai removed.

Niska had booked himself into an old folks home some 150 miles from Ezra City and planned to wait a couple of months before arranging a flight off planet. After spending a shedload on money on a sophisticated plan to loot the skyplex the crew now had to improvise a quick and dirty plan to deal with Niska once and for all, before the Feds found him. They could just afford to purchase a wheelchair, aging make-up for Sergei and nurse uniforms for the female members of the crew. Niska was accompanied by a female assassin posing as his personal doctor, and a huge bodyguard posing as his personal orderly. Sergei killed the assassin with a single mighty punch, Captain Tree shot the bodyguard, and then Sergei unloaded a pump shotgun into Adelai Niska – job done.

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