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2/13/2019 1:21 pm  #1

what's on your Everywhen list?

I haven't run or played Everywhen yet, but oh the possibilities!  Off the top of my head, my Everywhen to-do list includes:

* Fading Suns, update and expand my incomplete BoL/BotV houserules;
* The Day After Ragnarok, which seems like a perfect setting for this game; and
* Blood Sundown, looks like a cool weird West setting.

What have you done with it?  What do you want to run with it?


2/14/2019 6:12 am  #2

Re: what's on your Everywhen list?

As mentioned elsewhere on this forum I've used Everywhen to run a series of 3 Firefly games.

I've also used EW to run a campaign based on Man From UNCLE - based on the slightly more realistic/less camp Guy Richie film of a few years back, rather than the 1960s tv show. I loved the tv show as a child, but I think the film makes better source material for a game. The game took place in 1964, which is a year after the story in the film, so UNCLE is now more firmly established and has more than 3 agents. UNCLE is still concentrated on foiling the plans of the Nazi's directing a resurgence of the Reich from their bases in South America.

The game ended up rather like the original James Bond novels and the Sean Connery era Bond films, which is what the Guy Richie film was like - so job done.

Everywhen is great for running any kind of pulpy game, and is a good system to convert settings written for other rulesets. I have vague plans to run Blue Planet using Everywhen, sometime this year. 

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2/20/2019 2:32 pm  #3

Re: what's on your Everywhen list?

I think a Firefly game would be a blast.  I may have to try it.  I really need to get myself back in to game creative mode.

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2/25/2019 7:25 am  #4

Re: what's on your Everywhen list?

The Firefly games have been a blast! Had an idea for another one today, which I'll probably run in about a month or so - when a player returns from a trip to Asia.

The crew of the Funky Monkey Business (the PC's Firefly transport) have ended up as good friends to the Nine Dragons tong on Persephone and to a mafia family on Ariel. They have secured lots of well paid(illegal) work this way, and more importantly, secured some assistance with various problems they have had. Both criminal organisations view the PCs as hardworking and reliable hires for jobs they prefer not to take on directly themselves. 

Unfortunately they have also come to the attention of the Alliance Federal Marshals, and although there is no evidence of criminal activity, Captain Clementine Tree and her crew are now firmly in the Marshals' sights. Which will be unfortunate when a legitimate job goes seriously south, and everyone - not just John Law - thinks they have set some businessmen up for a hit, and stolen their plans for a revolutionary new form of space drive. 

My real name is Steve Hall

4/16/2019 9:39 am  #5

Re: what's on your Everywhen list?

The game referred to above ended up with the PCs having lost a Tong (that they are friendly with) a whole lot of money. As they were friends, the PCs were not killed, but were asked to travel to the other end of the 'Verse to pick up a 'package' that the Tong had had to hide in a hurry.

So Sunday I ran this latest ‘episode’ of our EW Firefly game. It was heavily based on the 1930s Boris Karloff horror film The Black Cat. The war between the Alliance and the Independents took the place of WW1 and an obscure moon stood in for Hungary. Boris’s satanic cult obviously didn’t fit the setting, so I stole the idea from Traveller 2300 of an alien spacefarer’s corpse telepathically transmitting the desire to ‘go home’ to whoever opened its space life raft.

So after arrival on the moon, and various scene setting scenes, the PCs were invited to dinner with the villain. While the PCs were being wined and dined by the villain, he sent his men to steal their Firefly transport. They had flown to the villain’s mountain top mansion in one of their shuttles, so when their two NPC crew members contacted them to say they were under attack, they made their excuses and left (the villain had sent most of his men to steal their ship, so he couldn’t stop them leaving).

Their two crew members had fought off the first rush on the Firefly, so when the PCs shuttle arrived the Captain PC flew low over the encircling goons, while the Engineer PC dumped excess fuel into the engines, turning the shuttle into a very large airborne flamethrower! Result: toasted goons.

Highlights on the return to the mansion were the Engineer turning the fixtures and fittings into matchwood and the remaining goons into dogfood, with his ridiculously massive gun, and the Captain plugging the villain right between the eyes with her powerful revolver.

Obviously there was lots of other fun stuff: the revenge driven war criminal, his daughter now married to the mad villain, Bess the sexually predatory town marshal (the Engineer had to take one for the team), and the mad villain’s crazy plan to ‘go home’ using cryogenic sleeping pods for a journey taking many lifetimes.

All in all, great stuff!

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My real name is Steve Hall

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