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12/04/2017 8:15 am  #1

Midrab (drone)

These creatures were at first thought to be one of the forgotten by-products of the Sorcerer-Kings experiments’. However, this is not the case, tales of encountered with these creatures have only begun to surface in recent years and coincide with the appearances of Yellow Druids. The most likely explanation is that they were created by the servants of the mad god, Morgazzon, and help spread his twisted will across Lemuria.
The Midrab possess chiropteran feature that make them appear to be flightless, humanoid bats. Tiny, luminescent eyes peer out beneath the soft black fur covers most of their body. Their fingers are webbed and both fingers and toes are abnormally long, ending in curved claws.
They’ve only been seen in small packs, attacking with lightning speed before disappearing into the darkness once again. They are affected by bright light and avoid it as much as possible. The Midrab navigating and locate prey in the same manner as bats, with a series of clicks and whistles.
Of the few accounts of these creatures, there is one that is not like the others. A caravan coming north from Lysor was attached by a large pack of Midrab, when the defenders were defeated, the leader of the pack called out to something in the darkness. It was at that point that the survivors said they witnessed a creature emerged that still plagues their nightmares. Larger than any of the other creatures, it’s pallid fur was like that of an albino and unlike the other it lacked arms, in their place were massive, leathery wings. It feasted on several of the pack animals that were offered to it by the lesser creatures. Once its hunger was sated, it disappear into the night with the other Midrab.
Strength 2
Agility 5
Mind 1
Combat Abilities
Attack with bite; damage d6/2
Attack with two claws; damage d6
Defense: 1
Protection: 1 (leathery hide)
Lifeblood: 10



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