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12/03/2017 4:20 am  #1

Rabble with guns

(I've also posted this in the relevant communities on Goggle +)

The rules for damage caused to PCs by Rabble are straightforward: 1LB (unarmed), d3 (armed) or Horde damage - Make a single attack with +1 to the Attack Roll per rabble, the attack does d6L damage.

But what about Rabble armed with guns?

In a way, the rules as they stand have some appeal. Rabble can only ‘clip’ Heroes (or Villains), causing minor flesh wounds – unless they fire a volley of shots, when they can cause more obvious damage. (Think the end scene of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid – eventually the Rabble can do for you, but it takes a while.)

However, is the rules as they stand seem to me more appropriate to Sword and Sorcery settings, but not so good for 1930s pulp tales (or whatever)? Or is it just that making Rabble with guns slightly more dangerous a nice option to have for some settings? For example:

1LB (unarmed), d3 (armed with steel), d3+1 (armed with firearms) or Horde damage - Make a single attack with +1 to the Attack Roll per rabble, the attack does d6L damage (steel) or d6 (firearms).

In the absence of the new Dicey Tales or Everywhen I’m prepping Mythic games in the Old West and in 1907 Paris, and I can’t decide.

Any thoughts?

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12/12/2017 2:05 pm  #2

Re: Rabble with guns

I think that the Mythic rules as they are written are perfectly fine for most situations (especially with the Horde rules) - after all, being attacked by a horde of berserkers with large axes is probably no more pleasant to deal with than a bunch of nutters firing bullets everywhere 

The point is, Rabble are not intended to be very competent (otherwise they'd be Toughs or Villains) and the "bad guys have bad aim" trope is something that BoL really does live by 

Having said all that, if you do want to make firearms a little more dangerous in a pulp style setting, then your proposed rules seem very much in keeping with the intent of the Mythic rules.

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12/13/2017 4:19 am  #3

Re: Rabble with guns

[color=rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.87)]Phil Garrad - aka -Venomous Filigree, has posted up the Rabble combat rules from the forthcoming everywhen on the Google+ everywhen community page. It includes an optional rule for Rabble doing more damage, if a particular setting requires it. 

​Garnett Elliott also thought that the option for greater damage would be useful for certain games (he suggested WW2). Mostly though, he agreed with The Git.

​So I think I'll stick with the rules as written for the my Western and Parisian games, but I might well use Phil's optional rules on occasion.[/color]

My real name is Steve Hall
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