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1/26/2014 9:59 pm  #1

Tentacled Cat

Great Cat, Tentacled 
Weight: 300-450 lbs 
Length: 8-10 feet 
Habitats: Jungle, Forest, Subterranean 
These strange creatures are known throughout the world, most often in legends. Large, sinewy felines with two eight foot long tentacles covered with sharp edges that these strange monsters use to lash out at their victims in combat. The strangest aspect of this monster is its natural instability, which causes it to be 1d3 feet in a random direction from where it actually appears. This causes the creature to be -2 to hit in combat and gives the beast a +2 to hit in combat with its tentacles, massive jaws or sharp claws. Depending on its environment, these monstrous felines have a variety of colorings and markings; some resemble tigers, panthers, leopards or mountain lions. Cunning and vicious, these monsters sometimes hunt in packs of three or more. Rumors persist that these creatures are much more intelligent than they are given credit for and that some sort of society exists amongst them. Silently stalking their prey with sinister minds makes a ferocious, heartless and alien creature. 

Strength 2 
Agility 3 
Mind 0 
Combat Abilities 
Attack - Bite +2/ D6+2 
Attack – Claw (2)/ D6+1 
Attack – Tentacles (2) +2/D6 damage 
Defense 3 
Protection - Hide 1 
Lifeblood 20

Also posted by myself as bat.

I am the one who writes ​ for the OSR, yet BoL and Everywhen are pretty cool too.

4/12/2014 3:07 pm  #2

Re: Tentacled Cat

Very nice.  I like how easy it is to convert beasts from other games into BoL.


5/04/2014 1:15 pm  #3

Re: Tentacled Cat

Thank you. I will add a few other monsters from time to time.

I am the one who writes ​ for the OSR, yet BoL and Everywhen are pretty cool too.
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