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10/26/2018 1:17 pm  #11

Re: Heroes of Hellas Mythic Edition

Gruntfuttock wrote:

On MeWe Simon says that after Chris Harper talked to him about a Mythic update, Simon has heard nothing since. So it sounds like it may be a stalled project (or Chris might be announcing HoH Mythic next week - what do we know?)

If you are planning to run an Ancient Greek BoL game soon, I think it would be worth your while to invest in the pdf of the LE Heroes of Hellas if you can afford it. It is easy to convert to Mythic and gives a great Greek game.

I would just love to see a new expanded Mythic edition of HoH, particularly with the hints Chris gave of the extra material that might be included.

Thanks! I nabbed it yesterday. :D


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