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11/02/2016 3:07 am  #1

Yellow Druids and one-off boons and flaws

The rules state that the domain of the God worshiped by a priest or druid should determine what sort of effects are appropriate when spending their Fate Points (Page 143).

I’m sending heroes off to Lysor, where they will stumble upon a plot of the Yellow Druids. Aside from sending heroes (very) temporarily bonkers, I’m stumped with alternatives for the boys and girls in yellow. Putting the heroes off their stroke in combat by making it appear that that they are attacking their nearest and dearest might work once (and that’s more of an illusion rather than madness), but I can’t come up with anything else.

Any ideas?

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11/03/2016 1:47 am  #2

Re: Yellow Druids and one-off boons and flaws

A few more:
Resisting mind control or mind reading because they are mad.
Hallucinations that cause misdirection.


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