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10/19/2016 12:04 pm  #1

The Invunche

Here is a creature I used in my adventure set in the unpleasant jungles of my gameworld.   They're malformed magical creations based on the Invunche of Patagonia, guardians of the caves of warlocks.  They were once normal men, but after capture by the warlocks their necks have been broken and their spines cracked, their limbs dislocated and reset.   Their spirits, now maddened with pain, are trapped inside these undying zig-zag cages of flesh and bone and their only will is to seek release through obedience to the dark will that has animated them.  

They are grotesque deformed things now, with limbs and head and back all at angles painful to look upon, yet they move with ridiculous unnatural speed, appearing from nowhere and charging in a series of hit and run attacks to terrify and incapacitate intruders.

Strength +2,  Agility +2,  Mind 0,  Appeal -1
Initiative - See Below
Melee +2,   Ranged +0,  Defence +0
Lifeblood: 12
Armour: 3 (natural)
Claw/Bite/Slam 1d6+2

Inhuman Speed - These foul creatures attack with ridiculous speed, whirling and snatching at their opponents, grasping them with their taloned hands, biting whenever their face comes near a foe or simply slamming a foe against a wall or floor with demonic strength. They do not fear death or pain, for they have tasted one and live endlessly with the other.    In the order of battle they act before Heroes with normal initiative success – only those who gain a Mighty or Legendary reaction score act before these swift devils.

Inhuman Stealth - They like to terrorise their victims.   Generally they will attack by surprise if they can, appearing from the shadows without warning, charging and shrieking at their chosen foe (often the weakest looking of a group), inflicting as much pain and injury as they can in a round or two before fleeing into the darkness.     They have the gift of stealth common to many creatures of darkness and if they pass from direct sight, especially when there is shadow or darkness to hide them, consider them gone until they choose to reappear once more.   GMs may allow characters with suitable magic or careers that grant them particularly keen perception a chance to negate this advantage.


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11/16/2016 6:21 am  #2

Re: The Invunche

Never heard of these guys before, nice to have your horizons broadened - thank you. Horrible, scary things - definitely worth stealing


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