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12/29/2015 7:38 am  #1

Thongor on Nook

I know I am one of the few who actually use a Nook for reading but if you happen to have one then go check out the store. They now are selling Thongor and the Wizard of Lemuria, Thongor and the Dragon City, as well as Thongor Against the Gods for $4.99 each. You also can find Young Thongor in the store. Enjoy!

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2/12/2016 9:24 am  #2

Re: Thongor on Nook

I have Young Thongor but I didn't realize they had published more titles.  Thanks for the heads up.

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7/09/2016 11:15 pm  #3

Re: Thongor on Nook

They're also out for kindle now as well


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