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12/11/2015 12:03 pm  #1

Dicey Tales game need two players setting: Northern China 1936

I need two more players for a Dicey Tales Adventure. 
played onine Roll20 friday nights 5:00 Pacific time.

Here's the pitch:1936 A soviet scientist has escaped the gulags of Siberia and has made his way into Manchukuo. he was captured by bandits and then sold to the mercenary army of Jin Bihui also known as "Eastern Jewel".The mission is to travel from India to Manchukuo find "Eastern Jewels" mountain fortress and spirit away the professor. and rendezvous with river smugglers who will help your team get  the professor to the a U.S. destroyer waiting off the coast. Opposition: Bandits, Manchukuo Military Japanese military, Soviet agents, Mercenaries, The infamous Eastern Jewel, river pirates, smugglers, and  gunboats. Characters needed: Men with experience in Northern China, preferrably Military or espionage background. Speaking Manchurian, Mongolian, Russian

We need two players. who can commit to at least four weekly sessions.


12/13/2015 5:02 am  #2

Re: Dicey Tales game need two players setting: Northern China 1936

Regretfully I can't sign up for this - but it's so far up my street I'm going to steal it! But I'll change the operation from a US one to a British one.
I'm running a series of games set in East Asia in the '30s, which are sort of a mash up between The Librarians and Indiana Jones. (The PCs obtain magical artefacts to stop them falling into the wrong hands - but use Indy levels of violence to get the job done!) In dealing with an undead sorcerer in Shanghai they had to ask a few favours from an old friend who works for MI6. They owe him big time, and he has said he will have to do a job for him soon as payback. Your set up will provide a great non-supernatural game in the series for a change of pace.

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