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5/29/2015 3:22 am  #1

New Heroic Career: Investigator

Created for my Mythic-edition Lemurian game, based on a player request. Basically, this is a career for the bounty hunter/thief-taker/witch hunter style character partially inspired by the Wizard-Watch mentioned in the setting.

Alternative career names: inquisitor, witch-hunter, thief-taker.
Whether mercenary thief-takers tracking down and capturing criminals or inquisitors seeking to uncover corruption all investigators ultimately seek information towards an end, most often capture or confession. Some even specialize in sorcerous prey such as the Wizard-Watch of Tyrus and other witch-hunters.
They become skilled at deception, whether inveigling themselves with others, using disguises to infiltrate, creating elaborate ruses to gain confidences, or outright lying. Not all information gathering is so subtle however, and many investigators use intimidation, brutality, even torture as tools too. They may possess skill in tracking and tailing human quarry, spotting hidden clues and even reading lips. While some may rely on the might and weapon skills of others to deal with targets, others are not so shy about getting their hands dirty, and all are able to appropriately restrain their targets for incarceration, further interrogation, or execution.
Attributes: Investigators need to be determined, cunning, and perceptive, so they require a keen mind first and foremost. Those who expect to tangle with their prey personally benefit from strength, while others may find appeal of greater value.
Adventuring: The particular skills of investigators make them skilled adventurers, particularly in urban locales. It is not uncommon for those of a more physical bent to find themselves embroiled in adventure while on the trail of far-ranging targets.
Fighting: Investigators are seldom truly great combatants, but may gain a career bonus in combat when it comes to restraining an opponent or dealing with targets of a very specific variety such as sorcerors.
Suggested Boons: Alert, Brawler, Detect Deception, Fearless, Fearsome, Friends in Low Places, Hard-to-Kill, Keen Eyesight, Keen Hearing, Nose for Magic, Resistant to Sorcery, Savant, Silver Tongue, Sneaky
Suggested Flaws: Arrogant, City-Dweller, Combat Paralysis, Delicate, Distrust of Sorcery, Non-Combatant, Obsession, Unsettling, Zealot
Adventure Ideas: While visiting Tyrus, the Heroes come across a fearful young woman who begs them for protection, stating that while the Wizard-Watch are after her, she is not actually a witch, but is being hunted because she spurned the advances of Captain Salem. It could be the truth, it could be a lie, it could even be both, and what will the Wizard-Watch make of those they catch fraternizing with a wanted witch?
* A thief-taker, employed by a family to track down and bring the killer of their son to justice, has located his quarry. Unfortunately the target is holed up in a fortified bandit stronghold, and the thief-taker lacks the manpower to deal with the problem. He approaches the Heroes to help him deal with the situation, promising them a cut of the substantial award monies.
* A group of hard-bitten thief-takers are on the trail of a truly vile criminal. Unfortunately one of the Heroes or someone they care deeply about bears an uncanny resemblance to the criminal the thief-takers are after, and the thief-takers aren't about to stop and politely ask questions. Worse, they may not even care.

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5/29/2015 9:35 am  #2

Re: New Heroic Career: Investigator

I think "Fighting: Investigators are truly great combatants" should actually read "Fighting: Investigators are not truly great combatants".

Wealth can be wonderful, but you know, success can test one's mettle as surely as the strongest adversary.

5/29/2015 12:30 pm  #3

Re: New Heroic Career: Investigator

Thanks for the editing catch. I'll correct it now.

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6/06/2015 11:25 pm  #4

Re: New Heroic Career: Investigator

If anyone else uses this career, by the way, please let me know.

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