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3/27/2015 11:38 am  #1

Guest Star Add-on for Sagas

Guest Star
Variety can be added to a sword-and-sorcery Saga by the occasional introduction of a colorful npc guest star. This can work particularly well during Sagas with fewer players, and even better if the guest star is an NPC who has interacted with the adventurers before in a different context (for instance, an old enemy now so desperate for help that he must ally with the player characters).
The Guest Star Is:
1  A former ally
2  An old friend
3  A friendly rival
4  A famous expert
5  An old enemy
6  A relative
1  An old lover
2  A fan
3  An aging hero
4  A young and promising hero
5  A former mentor
6  Send to Krongar by an old contact, or the Gods themselves.
A guest star won’t be interesting unless they have an engaging personality. If this were the Krongar TV series the actors playing these roles would be have lots of great lines. Their personality should encourage role-playing among the rest of the adventuring group. Here are a few example characteristics. Roll up to 3 times:
1  Witty
2  Rapacious
3  Cowardly
4  Foolishly brave
5  Constantly in over his or her head
6  A flirt
1  Extremely wise
2  Incredibly competent
3  Desperate to prove himself
4  Naively idealistic
5  Constantly practicing strange, harmless superstitions
6  Impossibly lucky
1  Comically inept
2  A bad luck charm
3  Honorable
4  A compulsive liar
5  Obsessive
6  Full of proverbs
Guest Star Goal
Generally the guest star will already be involved thickly in the Saga, and the Saga Generator may already have suggested his or her reasons for being part of the plot (for example, the guest star is to be Transported or Protected).
If not, then the guest star can be connected to the Task rolled during the Saga generation. For example, if Krongar needs to destroy a certain object, only THIS guest star, a wizard, knows how to do it. If he needs to explore a certain location, maybe THIS guest star, the only warrior who ever escaped from the Valley of Skulls, knows the secret way in.
Or perhaps Krongar gets involved in the Saga in the first place BECAUSE the guest star seeks his help.
Sometimes, of course, the guest star isn’t being truthful about his or her agenda.
The Guest Star:
1-2 Is Telling the Truth About What They Want
3-4 Has a Hidden Motive (1)
1-2 Unknowingly part of the villain’s plan (has hidden knowledge, owns a ring with part of a treasure map, etc.)
3   A willing part of villain’s plan
4   Out to best Krongar (to show he or she is stronger, faster, or more capable during the Saga)
5   Secretly in love with player character
6   Loyal to Krongar despite appearances
5-6 Has a Hidden Motive (2)
1-3 Plans to run with the profit/object
4   Is part of a third faction who wants the object/person/information
5   Is leader of a third faction who wants the object/person/information
6   Set upon vengeance no matter if Krongar and his allies go down as well


7/17/2015 4:27 pm  #2

Re: Guest Star Add-on for Sagas

I hadn't noticed this before.  It looks like a very useful tool.

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7/18/2015 9:07 pm  #3

Re: Guest Star Add-on for Sagas

Seconded. Nice work.


7/20/2015 6:50 am  #4

Re: Guest Star Add-on for Sagas

Hey, thanks! I was starting to think no one would EVER see this, and I thought it might be of use to other GMs.

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7/20/2015 9:35 am  #5

Re: Guest Star Add-on for Sagas

Not sure how I missed this but it does look pretty useful - nice job.

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