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11/14/2015 9:48 am  #61

Re: Heroes of Hellas

Not sure if people are aware but the Heroes of Hellas pdf is available for $2 at DriveThruRPG (one day only)...

This is an excellent deal and Heroes of Hellas is fully worth getting at full price so $2 is an absolute steal!

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11/16/2015 6:17 am  #62

Re: Heroes of Hellas

umungus wrote:

I have been working on expanding the world a bit.
I have been playtesting Celtic characters. They bring in a whole new set of Gods, Monsters and magic. Been playing with the idea of Woad magic. A Hero can get painted with or tattooed with Woad to gain a Boon or some sort of advantage. who needs armor?  

About to run second HoH game and planning third. I think my PCs might end up heading north, coming across the Macedonian Wild Men (and a particularly nasty cannibal clan at that) and the savage Celtoi (headhunters with a sideline in human sacrifice).

Chris, did you ever get around to getting something down about the Celts in HoH? If so, anything you can share? Also I remember that you once mentioned a second edition of HoH adapted for Mythic - is this still a project?

Whatever, thanks for a great supplement!

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