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1/21/2015 3:38 pm  #1

Dicey Tales will also be Mythic Edition

After a discussion yesterday with Phil Garrad, I've come to the decision to have Dicey Tales conform to the new Mythic rules rather than the previous Legendary ruleset that was used for Dicey Tales 1&2.  I like the idea of moving forward with a unified set of rules for BoL/DT.  The rules changes are an easy enough adaption and will keep everything uniform (Peter, Jason, and I had already decided that Carpathia will use the new Mythic rules as well).   So be on the lookout for Barbarians of Lemuria Mythic Edition coming out in a few weeks and expect Dicey Tales to follow those same rules as close as possible.


1/22/2015 9:28 am  #2

Re: Dicey Tales will also be Mythic Edition



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