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11/23/2014 10:12 am  #1

Advice Appreciated

    This was an earlier post asking for advice on armor rules, but then realized I missed the option 4 rule modification for that quandry, so problem solved. But now I'm adding the finishing touches on my online BoL game and was wondering if anyone has any tips on how to run a successful pbp game. It's my 1st time doing this, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanx! I will be using the first version with Simon W.'s Lemuria. (I hope I didn't post this in the wrong thread!)

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11/24/2014 10:34 am  #2

Re: Advice Appreciated

A pacing that works for you and your players is key.

But here is a ton of advice:

I hope that helps and good luck!


11/24/2014 6:49 pm  #3

Re: Advice Appreciated

Thanks, jasales. Truly excellent! What about pre-gens? I'm thinking of generating a coupla heroes, leaving things like name and gender blank so the player can fill in those blanks. I feel this will save a ton of time. Instead of having to look over submissions, I'll be able to concentrate more on getting the action posted. I can say that if I take this option, I'll start with sample heroes from BoL, but with name, gender and age left blank. What do the Lemurian champions think?

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Dammit, I wanna play BoL RIGHT @#$% NOW!
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1/05/2015 9:52 am  #4

Re: Advice Appreciated

Keeping players in a pbp is hard. You may want to let them create their own characters for best buy-in.


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