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8/21/2014 10:57 am  #1

Multiple Arms?

What would be the best (most simple) way represent a race with multple arms?

A boon to two weapon combat? or other actions such as climbing etc.?


8/22/2014 3:30 am  #2

Re: Multiple Arms?

On the Strange Stones site you will find one idea for multi-limbed opponents in the post ‘BoL-lywood: Prince Rajinder’s Adventures II’ in the stats for the elephant-headed Rakshasi, Bulusu Sunita Kal. As pointed out in the comments after the article, old Bulusu breaks the BoL rules for parrying, but the approach taken is nice and simple.

I should point out that this is one of a series of posts where Venomous Pao describes non-existant films that definitely should have been made by someone, somewhere – and stats them in BoL terms. As I never tire of saying, there is lots of good stuff for BoL to be found at Strange Stones.

You can find ‘BoL-lywood: Prince Rajinder’s Adventures II’ here:

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8/22/2014 5:56 am  #3

Re: Multiple Arms?

Now that was a most excellent and informative response. I've been going to Strange Stones once in a while since I "discovered" BoL and kept wondering why I hadn't heard of these awesome films. Now I understand. Thank you! And that is a pretty simple way of handling combat.

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8/22/2014 12:18 pm  #4

Re: Multiple Arms?

Yeah, just read the posts at Strange Stones and I love the way a four-armed (as apposed to forearmed) creature is handled in melee; very tidy and efficient.

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