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Greetings, this is where we meet. » Happy New Year for 2022 » 1/16/2022 4:01 am

(Belated) happy new year to you!

I haven't logged in for (literally) years, apparently - I was shocked to see how long it's been.

But I have been running some BoL in the meantime.

Cryptic writings of Lemuria » Sagas of Lemuria » 2/18/2015 1:14 pm

The Yellow Mist of Madness

The people of a small city near the Festrel Swamp were once plagued by a Demon of Morgazzon which took the form of a luminous yellow mist. This demon could possess the living by forcing its gaseous form into their lungs with their breath; its malign control transformed a succession of the city's rulers into insanely tyrannical despots. Eventually the people turned to Jholan-Mu the Wonder-Maker, a whimsical sorcerer-alchemist, to save them.

The Wonder-Maker used his sorcery to draw the demon from its aristocratic host and drive it into the body of a slave-girl. He covered her skin with runic scars and tattoos to bind the demon within for as long as she lives, and created an alchemical elixir which placed the slave-girl in a perfect state of suspended animation – inactive, unchanging, and immortal. The sorcerer-alchemist advised that the application of this elixir must be repeated each year lest the passage of time come upon the slave-girl all at once, ending her existence and setting the demon free. A half-dozen lifetimes have passed since the time of Jholan-Mu.

The slave-girl's name is not a matter of record but she is known as 'the Maiden of Jholan-Mu', or 'the Rune-Maid'. She has lain in state for centuries as a symbol of the ruler's power – a public reminder that, no matter how awful the contemporary ruler is, there is a far worse alternative.

However, in addition to leaving sufficient elixir for four hundred and forty four applications, Jholan-Mu tore the formula into three pieces and gave each to a different civic dignitary. The Wonder-Maker considered the formula too dangerous to leave with any one person, so he chose the three most ambitious rivals he could find to be the custodians of its secret. The fragments of parchment have descended through the generations, along with the title 'Keeper of the Secret'. However one part of the formula was lost recently when its Keeper went insane and destroyed it (along with the c

Suggestions » Edit posts » 9/02/2014 4:56 pm

No problem for me.

Lemurian links » Character Sheet Redux » 7/29/2014 4:32 pm

Spotted another one. 'Hero Poins' should be 'Hero Points'.

General rules (Mythic) » Announcement! » 7/07/2014 3:22 pm

Al Livingstone
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The planned stretch goals seem pretty sound to me - you can't have too many adventures for BoL! While I'm not really bothered about art being in colour I realise I'm in a minority with this. Colour is useful for maps though.

For unplanned-as-yet stretch goals, I'd suggest more in-book content (adventures, stock/template NPCs, maps, legendary magical/alchemical artefacts, art, etc.) rather than extra products like cards, hero/villain point tokens, or custom dice. Poker chips are cheap and BoL doesn't need fancy dice to play the game, but adding extra products like these could risk scuppering the project. I can't help but think it will be quicker, easier, cheaper and less risky for you to add more content to a book you're already publishing than it will be to create entirely new types of product in addition to the book. If you don't have the bonus products lined up already, you could be giving yourself an extra headache just when the backer numbers are representing a not-small amount of pressure to deliver on the project.

Similarly, be very wary about adding stretch goals that require physical goods to be shipped at your risk and expense. DriveThru/RPGnow have the infrastructure in place to make their POD service cost-effective for a significant proportion of gamers, and you're already using them for the hardcopy rewards.
--- If DriveThru/RPGnow can't fulfil something without significant increase in your per-unit cost, you probably don't want to add it as a stretch goal.
--- If DriveThru/RPGnow can't fulfil it at all, simply don't offer it as a stretch goal (even as a potential option to get people thinking).

Please note that I'm not an industry professional and I've never run a Kickstarter campaign, so I could be talking utter crap. Just trying to call it like I see it and hoping you find the feedback helpful.

Regardless, I'll be backing the project!

General rules (Mythic) » Announcement! » 7/06/2014 12:18 pm

Al Livingstone
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Venomous Filigree wrote:

Who wants to give feedback on the Kickstarter, prior to going live....?

Sure, why not?

General rules (Mythic) » Announcement! » 6/24/2014 4:27 pm

Al Livingstone
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Excellent news. Glad this is finally getting to happen.

Cryptic writings of Lemuria » Sagas of Lemuria » 5/14/2014 1:32 pm

The GIT! wrote:

Probably from the BoL Yahoo Group (

That's it!

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