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General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 4/13/2020 1:09 pm

Sounds fun!  Something that covers medieval Europe.  It doesn't have to be historical, but more historical fiction with the same sword and sorcery genre that would include sorcerers and dragons.  I thinking like a setting like Dragonheart or even Jirel of Joiry!  I was thinking of a wandering Knight Templar as a possible character.

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 4/13/2020 8:27 am

Is the Honor and Intrigue game?  The Swashbuckling genre sounds pretty fun, I was also looking at doing a Dark Ages genre, any suggestions on where to get some possible source material for the era that might be generic?

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 4/12/2020 4:27 pm

It sounds like a lot of fun! Thanks for sharing, it sounds like a really fun campaign and a nice set-up with her being the lead character, but you being able to play as well!

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 4/12/2020 2:33 pm

Good stuff!

Btw, what are the names of the characters just out of curiosity? I'm always interested in hearing about other people's creativity...

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 4/12/2020 12:53 pm

Since the Sword and Sorcery genre is much like the pulp fiction stories and the old serial movies, what seemed like certain death was avoided....with a hero point spent and a good plan devised between the player and the GM......

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 3/23/2020 11:24 pm

Yes, although I'm new to the solo RPG, when I was a kid I would play.  I would always imagine it like a movie, so the scenes were not long and much conversation, so I guess I still do that with the solo game.  I sometimes have an idea, but most of the time since I play BoL, I read about the particular city that I'm in, and start with a random event.  Sometimes it comes real easy, other times I have to think.  I write down notes to keep track of what has happened, but I don't describe in-depth scenes, nor do I give a whole lot of time to conversations.  Again, I guess since I'm thinking its a movie, usually the dialogue is very short and inspirational.  The second adventure I played was by far the best I have so far.  It was constantly flowing, where an ally would become an enemy and an enemy would become an ally, and it was all a surprise to me.  Honestly, a GM would have been proud of how it played out!  But, yes I do write the notes of the adventure down and I sometimes have an idea, but I have allowed the random event chart to pick out an adventure.  For instance, with the duo going to the Tower of Jesharek, that was an idea, and then it flowed from there.  Hopefully, that might be helpful.  Part of the reason, I have found this fun is because honestly, I have not found anyone to play RPGs with and I have had a lot of creative ideas stored up for years!

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 3/23/2020 8:03 pm

Yes, since I am playing solo, I can play an entire session in several hours.  Although I had to change the ending since I had them going to Ygddar originally, then I saw Urceb on the map and it made more sense since it would be a good place for Lady Corsair to leave the group.

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 3/23/2020 5:00 pm

Update on Oslac the Beast-Friend:

With Lady Corsair so wrapped up in winning the affections of Oslac, her crew begins to mutiny when she neglects her responsibilities.  Rescuing her, Oslac and Laaric flee into the jungle, where they are ambushed by pursuing pirates.  However, Oslac summons a Dracophon to assist in their escape.  The party arrive at the city of Oomis and check into the Inn of the Grateful Night.  Securing passage to Parsool, Oslac and Laaric, suddenly become ill, and Lady Corsair soon discovers they have been poisoned.  Quickly finding an antidote, she pervades upon them to join her in finding the Sword of Tarcix at the ruins of Qeb, before her crew does.  Reluctant to help, but feeling obligated to Lady Corsair, the group boards the merchant ship, Assurance, hoping to arrive before the pirate ship.  However, as they reach their destination, they find the Devil's Sun waiting for them. After a brief sea battle in which the Assurance is almost sunk, Oslac summons a sea creature, to attack the pirate ship.  With the Assurance still fleeing, the group jumps overboard and swims to shore. Only one pirate remains to guard the ruins, and he is quickly dispatched. As the group makes their way into the ruins, they are attacked by a creature of the undead. Defeating the creature, they come across the remains of an epic battle which has just ended leaving only two survivors. The two have found the Sword of Tarcix, and Oslac demands that they hand it over. Upon refusing, Oslac disarms the pirate holding the sword, while his dire wolf attacks the pirate. Olsac uses the Sword upon the other pirate, instantly killing him. Recognizing its power, Oslac is fearful that the Sword will fall into the wrong hands, and decides to keep it for further quests. The group finds the room filled with other treasures, and make their way to the coastal city of Urceb. After selling their treasures, Lady Corsair parts with the group to find a new ship and crew to pirate with.

General discussion » What RPG(s) are you playing/running/planning? » 3/23/2020 12:15 pm

Hi all,
Somewhat new to the forum.  I had read about the Mythic Game Master Emulator, so I decided to try it with Barbarians of Lemuria, and I have been playing a solo campaign without a GM.  It has been quite an interesting experience!  Since Barbarians of Lemuria is such a rules-lite game it has worked quite well with the system.  For those who are not familiar with the system, it uses a series of asking yes or no questions, with other random elements to create random events.  I know I'm not doing it any justice in explaining, but I have enjoyed the experience, and actually played two adventures and I'm now in my third one.  What it might lack in actually role-playing since you are playing solo, the random element keeps it surprisingly interesting and allows you to use your imagination based upon the logic of the scenes to create some good storytelling.  My story is based on the genre of the Swords and Sorcery setting with my PC being a "Beast-Friend" named Oslac, who has powers to control animals and resides in the Axos Mountains.  He travels with his dire wolf companion named Wulf (real clever, I know) and has had some interesting adventures.  
         In the first adventure called the Valgardian Blades, he stops a trade between a Desert Warlord and a Valgardian warrior.  Capturing the Desert Warlord's sorcerer, he discovers she has lost her memory after the battle.  Leaving her with his Winged Man ally, Laaric the Lookout, he hunts down the Valgardian warriors.  However, Laaric's family has been tortured by the sorcerer in the past, and he takes the advantage to kill her.  Regretting his action, he flees leaving her body.  After Oslac resolves the conflict between the Desert Warlord and the Valgardian warrior by capturing them both, he discovers the actions of his friend and decides to hunt him down. 
       This leads to the second adventure, the Attack of the Winged Men, where the trail leads to an attack of Winged Men on Axos Mounta

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