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Announce your pbp games here » Roll20 Advice? » 8/11/2020 6:03 am

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It is not too different from running other RPGs on Roll20, depending on your usual style. I find for VTT it can help to provide visual aids to describe some of the less traditional monsters that pop up in sword and sorcery settings because you have no miniature to look at and only a tiny token to represent it on the board.

Also I keep a good number of pre-prepared character sheets and tokens of npcs/monsters/animals in your library so you can drop them down at a moments notice if your game goes in an unexpected direction (keep a list of good generic npc names too).

General rules (Mythic) » Drunkard Flaw w/ Carouser Boon » 6/28/2019 3:15 pm

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I view them as being mutually exclusive as they have separate meanings. 
Carouser grants an advantage in social situations where partying, drinking and mingling might be taking place or in a drinking competition for example. 
Drunkard implies a bad habit of drinking to excess repeatedly.
Combined with Carouser this means you can hold your drink better than most but you often overdo it and may be useless for a period after.

One is used during the party, the other is rolled for after.

Cryptic writings of Lemuria » Hooks! » 1/09/2018 1:56 pm

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Here's another I've just started writing to use in my first session of the new year:

​You've tracked the raiders to their hideout, a fortress that sits atop a plateau. Within, a host of murderers and the girl they kidnapped to use in their fell ritual. If you hurry she may still be alive...

Six months ago, Khadar the Exalted, lead a coup to seize command of a group of bandits known as the Exiles. He threw the burning bodies of the loyalists from the high walls of the fortress before converting the surviving bandits to the worship of Zaggath, the Lord of Fire.
Since then they have raided the border towns and villages surrounding Halakh. In each raid the Exiles have taken prisoners to use in their dark rituals, usually young women. This continued until three nights ago when Khadar managed to kidnap the daughter of a local high priest. The High Priest subsequently offered a generous reward for the safe return of his daughter, and another for the head of Khadar!

Right now you are scaling the near-sheer cliffs of the plateau in the hope of finding a way inside and rescuing the girl before the ritual begins!

If you have any ideas or suggestions for what I could use in this adventure I'd love to hear them.

Announce your pbp games here » I need to play BoL!!! » 11/24/2017 5:07 am

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I currently run a game on Roll20 for a group of close friends, so I'm not looking for new players at the moment. But if you want to run a game or if you find someone else to GM it, I'd be interested in playing.

Secrets of the sorcerers » There are things in the world man was never meant to know... » 11/11/2017 5:31 am

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Now I've been thinking about how I would actually use this mechanic in my game, I realise that a better idea is that when they wish to conduct research you (The GM) make a task roll on their behalf (adding their mind score and any relevant careers) to see how well they translate/transcribe the original text with more powerful spells/devices being more difficult.

For example, if a player failed task roll to learn the "Plague of Undead" spell from Phesipho's Scripture of Desecration, the GM could decide that should the task roll fail, the player has unknowingly transcribed the ritual incorrectly so that when the player tries to summon an army of bloodless to do his bidding during an adventure he causes the dead to rise across the region without being able to control them! So now the players are left with not only their original task, but now must contend with the hordes of flesh hungry undead!

General discussion » Quiet Forums » 9/22/2017 3:33 pm

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I remember the hubbub for mythic and since its release things have been pretty quiet. Its not to say people aren't coming to the site, they just are here to read more than post.
Most of the recent posts are creation pieces when someone has had an idea, but other than that there isn't much in the world of sword and sorcery going on to talk about at the moment.
Wouldn't mind hearing quickly what the site regulars are up to at the moment. I have been running a Lemuria campaign for four friends of mine for a few months (something I really should make a post about when our most recent adventure concludes).

Secrets of the sorcerers » There are things in the world man was never meant to know... » 9/04/2017 2:19 am

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Ha! That does sound like a cool adventure idea. A sorcerer summons a demon and tries to bind it to his service with its true name. Only to find that its name is in fact not "Walter", leaving it to run rampant!

General rules (Mythic) » Toughs and Zero Lifeblood » 8/28/2017 12:06 pm

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No, I think this is a good way of playing if you want returning characters and want the players to feel attachment to them. If an ally hits 0 LB or starts bleeding out, it can add a tense moment to an otherwise routine combat for the players because they need to save their friend! And even if they do save them they may be in no condition to continue fighting without rest.

I have used a tweaked Balik Joram as a recurring character for my group and whenever he shows up the party is overjoyed to see him because they have shared so many adventures together. By giving the toughs a chance of revival you're allowing them to possibly become a colourful element of your campaign's narrative, rather than just another shallow pawn of theirs in another shallow grave.

Secrets of the sorcerers » There are things in the world man was never meant to know... » 8/16/2017 11:53 am

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Having recently inducted some new players to BoL, I thought I might talk about how I handle sorcery and alchemy especially for new players. As a house rule I generally don't allow players in my games to start with Magician or Alchemist as one of their four starting careers (unless they have a really good idea for it!). I prefer to let them buy it later with AP so that they have time to learn how to use the basic mechanics of the game first, as sorcery and alchemy can require some pre-game prep on the players part which may be difficult to do.

This brings me to my second point; Tomes of Knowledge! These serve as a way for existing player characters to "discover" sorcery or alchemy, allowing them to buy into the career. These are typically rewards I place hidden about in dark dungeons and wizard towers for the players to find and they contain recipies and spells that the player reading it can unlock by spending AP to conduct research between adventures. Here are some rough examples I've made: 

C = Common 
U = Uncommon
L = Legendary
M = Mythic 
1st/2nd/3rd = Magnitude

Furi's Folio of Thaumaturgy(Alchemy), an ancient tome bound in yew plates inlaid with iron. It once belonged to the thaumaturge Furi, who vanished in the Temple of Mist. (Requires Mind 1)
-Sleeping Powder(C)
-Healing Salve(C)
-Blackpowder Bomb(U)
-Firmament Stone(U) 

The Tome of Giants(Alchemy), a large tome written in illuminated script upon linen pages. It was written by a monstrous goddess for the illustrious alchemist Gwali. (Requires Mind 4)
-Potion of Giants Strength(U)
-Bottled Lightning(U)
-Lightning Gun(L) 

Phesipho's Scripture of Desecration(Sorcery), a set of etched glass plates contained in a gold coffer set with silver pearl. It is said to be haunted by the ghost of the great necromancer Phesipho, who fell at the battle of Hydral Chasm. (Requires Mind 2)
-Summon Rat Swarm(1st)
-Raise Dead(1st)
-Drain Life(2nd)
-Summon Ghost Ship(2nd)
-Plague of Undead(3rd) 

Side no

Cryptic writings of Lemuria » Hooks! » 4/09/2017 1:19 pm

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-After arriving in Satarla, one of the Heroes(with a career in noble or merchant) receives an invitation to a feast. When the group arrives at the estate just they are greeted by a hunchedback servant and shown inside(after their weapons have been taken at the door of course!). They are escorted to the feast hall and seated among many other nobles and prominent merchants. The host rises and begins to make a speech but before he can finish welcoming his guests, he keels over dead! The hunchback checks the corpse and declares it was poison which killed him, before rushing out to get the city guards. Sensing that the killer may still be nearby the guests start to leave only to find the corridor they arrived through has changed! If anyone tries the windows they will find them barred or bricked up. As the group tries to escape they will find that the corridors, rooms and stairwells will almost disappear and change without warning. Is it foul sorcery or some other trick? One by one the guests are picked off by strange traps or they simply disappear. As the night goes on, horrifying monsters will begin stalking the halls. The Heroes must search for a way out, if one exists, and discover who the mysterious killer is if they are to survive the night.

-The Heroes are hired to bolster the forces of the Parsool City Watch for a raid on a pirate hideout. The Watch aim to recover any stolen goods. In truth, the corrupt Watch Captain is double crossing the pirates so he can sell the stolen items for his own profit, and so he has given his men the order to kill the Heroes once the pirates are dealt with. The pirate lair is a system of caves hidden in a cliff-side, in which some of the lower tunnels flood when the tide rises. Unbeknownst to the Watch, the Pirates have recently come into possession of an ancient stone idol that whispers secrets of the void that lies below the waves, bestowing both dark sorceries and madness.

-Upon returning to their home village, one of the Heroes

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