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Everywhen rpg rules and gaming » Bonus Die, Penalty Die, or Modifier? » 7/03/2024 6:40 am

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Been playing BoL steady now for a while, I am another one that hasn't seen any problem with the multiple bonus or penalty dice.  The very few instances where it has come up, I just added a +1 bonus (or -1 penalty) to the die roll for the second bonus/penalty.  Again, can't really remember when that occurred, it's been sometime.

Should add, I use the BoL Mythic rules with my own house rules.  Have Everywhen, Sword and Sorcery Codex, and just about every other supplement for BoL too, but the BoL Mythic rules work for us.

Weird lands and forgotten islands » Back to Barbarians of Lemuria - some different settings/campaigns » 6/15/2024 11:41 am

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After some time away from BoL (played some TFT and then we went on a two-week road trip from PA to WA) we are returning to our BoL Witcher campaign.

Have some "monster hunts" converted from TFT and other systems for our PCs to take on.  Tonight's episode "The Turtles!"  This will be set in Belhaven, a small city located just to the north of Toussaint's border.

It's going to be fun getting back to BoL.

Weird lands and forgotten islands » What S&S game to run next???? » 6/11/2024 7:26 pm

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Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats listed for each region.

General rules (Mythic) » Selecting character boons & flaws » 5/10/2024 2:57 pm

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None of my numerous BoL campaigns have been in Lemuria, so I have never really followed the starting character Boon & Flaw picking method that is in the rulebook.  For starting Boons & Flaws, I just have the PCs pick the ones that match their character origin and backstory.

My wife's Shemitish Nomad/Thief started with the following Boons & Flaws
Born in the Saddle
Sword & Dagger (Adept at fighting with a sword & dagger combo.  You are more deadly with the main-gauche or left-handed dagger (you roll a d6 instead of d6L for damage). You also get a +1 bonus against being disarmed.


Her Thief in the Jalizar Campaign had the following boons & flaws:
Weapon Mastery "short swords"

Fear of the Undead

Just follow what feels right. = yes indeed!


General rules (Mythic) » Handling "passive" Task Rolls » 4/29/2024 3:42 pm

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JiminyQ wrote:

 Or ask for checks out of the blue without context, give info only on successes;

This is how I usually do it, I tell the player: make a Observation/Perception check, using your Mind and Appropriate career.  If they are successful: "Something catches your eye" or "you hear a noise from the bushes off to your right", etc..

If they fail "you look around and don't notice anything, all of a sudden a large boar rushes out from the bushes to your right - make a Priority Roll!"  (In this case, because they failed their Observation task roll, they would get a -1 penalty to thier Priority Roll)

For me, BoL is all about dynamic action... "usually" the die get rolled when things are going to get "interesting."  (But not always..)

Greetings, this is where we meet. » Hi! » 4/29/2024 10:39 am

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Welcome to the forum, while not a super active forum, there are some big BoL afficionados on here.  So ask away, hopefully we can help.


Weird lands and forgotten islands » BoL stats for Classic S&S characters? » 4/29/2024 10:31 am

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Gruntfuttock wrote:

I also use the concept of Allied PCs for my 1 GM- 1 Player games, for GM run friends of the PC. These are just generated like PCs but with no Hero Points, and they usually don't get Advancement Points. They are to emulate the competent 'best friends' of the central character in tv shows - the sort of people who never seem to get any better but start out just slightly less skilled than the protagonist.

Yeah, that sounds good for that type of a "best friends" of the central character in tv shows.  (Like the guy who ran around with Hercules...)

I run a strait up GM/PC with my wife's PC.  We run the game more like a Fafhrd and Gray Mouser, two equal heroes.  And sometimes she runs two PCs and I run a GM/PC when we need more "fire-power".  But have found that for us, the PC and GM/PC thing works really good.

We just took a break from BoL for a bit and played some adventures in The Fantasy Trip.  I actually purchased about 10 or so adventures for TFT, and I am now thinking of converting them to BoL.  (It seems that everything ends up being converted to BoL at our house .)

I told my wife that I want to run one of the TFT adventures "The Citadel of Ice" using the TFT rules, then re-run it using the BoL rules - just to see how it compares.  (We did that with a half-dozen or so Mongoose Conan d20 adventures when we were thinking of switching over to BoL back in 2014, it was pretty cool to see how the systems work vs each other.)

So many options, not enough time.  I always ask my wife what campaign/setting she wants to play in, and she always replies "it really doesn't matter, as long as it's using the BoL rules"  

Weird lands and forgotten islands » BoL stats for Classic S&S characters? » 4/29/2024 7:07 am

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For my Hyborian Age "Hammer of Æs" campaign I stated out King Conan for our characters to run across - they me him out and about adventuring on his own (he had to get out of the Castle for a bit...) back in 2015.

In my games, I have Heroes, Legendary Heroes (have gained 5 APs), Mythic Heroes (have gained 10 APs) and Epic Heroes (have gained 15 APs).  King Conan is an Epic Hero in my campaign.

King Conan (Epic Hero)
Strength:  3            Agility:  2               Mind:  1                   Appeal:  1
Init:   1                   Melee:  3               Ranged:  0               Defense:  2
Barbarian:  2          Thief:  1                Mercenary:  1           Pirate:  1              Noble:  0

Armor:  Custom Mail Shirt (Lt Armor)/stops 2 & Thick Skin/stops 1
Weapon:  Broadsword d6H+3 (2h) or d6+3 (1h), Dagger d6L+3
Lifeblood:  15                   Movement:  7                  Hero Points:  5                Advancement Points:  0

Weapon Mastery "Broadswords" bonus die to attack rolls
Hard to Kill:  +2 to LB
Tough Skin:  +1 to Defense

Distrust of Sorcery

Weird lands and forgotten islands » Lands of Mist, Monsters, & Muskets » 4/18/2024 12:57 pm

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CaptAdventure wrote:

I remember checking out the Fantasy Trip back when it originally came out. How does the new iteration stack up?

There are some good "upgrades" (for lack of a better word) and there are some that I don't care for.  This was the game that I cut my teeth on for RPGing back in the late 70s, I have been playing it off and on since then.  Lots of home rules to make it "my game" over the years.  It's just a brutal game, were you can't expect your PCs to last a long time...

I like it and my wife will play it, but she really prefers BoL, it's her favorite system.  So we will be back to BoL before long .  I am going to get a chance to run a friend and my wife through the Death Test in a couple of weeks, he has never played TFT, so it will be interesting.  (He is a big gamer though, usually a couple of regular campaigns each month.)

I am a big fan of the Three Musketeers, have read the book several times and I think that I have watched almost every movie version that has been made.  I have never run a Three Musketeers campaign though, now you have me thinking about it... (I just have to many things to run, and not enought time to run them.)

In addition to the Hyborian Age and Witcher campaigns, we have ongoing Warhammer and Jalizar (Savage Worlds Beasts & Barbarians) going on too, all using BoL of course.  It really is a versatile system.  Have a modern Counter Terrorism/Spy one sitting around, just never started it.  Again, to many choices, but that's a good thing... I guess....

Weird lands and forgotten islands » Lands of Mist, Monsters, & Muskets » 4/18/2024 6:45 am

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CaptAdventure wrote:

Just curious: Folks who have read H&I, are there any particular bits that I'd benefit from reading, even if I don't use all the system tweaks?

 I have H&I, I have used some of the boon/flaws and Careers from it.  But really, I just run BoL with my home rules for whatever campaign I decided to run.
Your setting sounds cool!  Musketeers as Monster Hunters 

Currently, we are taking a break from BoL, running some adventures using The Fantasy Trip (just bought a bunch of adventure modules for it).  But we will go back to our Hyborian Age BoL campaign or even our Witcher BoL campaign later this summer.

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