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Secrets of the sorcerers » Colleges of Magic » 8/02/2016 3:34 pm

To: michaeltaylor
They aren't really "classes" a la Pathfinder, etc., but backgrounds to help focus players. Some players are just dull, or very wargamer-y, and want structure. Some are too imaginative and want to have a Tardis in their Millennium Falcon and Conan as their co-pilot. I just give some fluff-n-stuff to focus on the Sword-and-Sorcery style and tropes. Admittedly, my preference is for a more magical style game but to each their own.

An interesting take is to use my fluff-n-stuff, but have magicians that don't fit the framework at all. How about a Riddle Master of Hed style magician? Or a true-name magician out of Earthsea? Or some psionic-clerics like Camber of Culdi? God, I'm dating myself with the book references but you get the idea.

By making Colleges you have colleagues, other magicians that can help you. Kill that weasly necromancer? Well, his buddies are worried now and offence can be the best defense. The Thaumaturges did like it, and perhaps could secretly assist you... not wanting an all-out war and all.

Simon: Thanks for the post! Oh, and the game.


Secrets of the sorcerers » Colleges of Magic » 7/01/2016 3:19 pm

I love the Sword and Sorcery genre, but I always preferred the more magical adventures such as the Forgotten Beasts of Eld. In that end I created a list of the colleges of magic. This can give your run-of-the-mill sorcerer some needed theme, and inspire your budding magician player character.

All of the following is untested (so far) by my role-playing group. I look forward to your feedback and criticism. Enjoy!


Magical Specialty is a boon taken by characters with the Magician career, or other careers that grant arcane might and magic use. A specialist subtracts 1 from the arcane cost of any spell that is cast where their specialty applies. The downside is that such specialist understanding comes at a cost of not just a boon, but of obligations and behaviors that often conform to stereotypes.

You can only one magical specialty, ever. Once chosen it cannot be revoked, removed, or replaced. One doesn't shake the devil's hand and say you're only kidding.

The necromancer is one who talks to and compels the dead. They focus on the past and the dead give them great insight into the nature of the afterlife, souls, spirits, and life itself.

Necromancers practice the magical art of Necromancy. The Necromancer reduces the arcane cost of any spell that directly kills (E.g.: Clenched Fist of the Crushed Heart), turns corpses into undead, affects ghosts and other spirits of the dead, and similar magic.

The Price: The Wasting.
A Necromancer's obsessions and frequent explor

Greetings, this is where we meet. » Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers! » 6/23/2016 11:50 am

The BoL Hack? Just purchased BoL:ME a week ago. I'm not familiar with the BoL Hack. Some google-fu and... another game? Does it need a character sheet?

Lemurian links » Return of the Son of Character Sheet, Mythic Edition » 6/23/2016 10:43 am

I made a quick-n-dirty, form-fillable PDF of the BoL:ME character sheet. You can get it here:

Feedback is appreciated. For you font fans out there, if you have a suggestion better than Goudy for the font let me know. The background art requires a thick font, but most of mine are of the metro-euro-helvetica type, which is not appropriate for a Sword-and-Sorcery feel. Unless there is a secret Conan the Barbarian film directed by Andy Warhol starring Divine and set in 1960s Stuttgart.

Greetings, this is where we meet. » Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers! » 6/23/2016 10:37 am

And here is a link to my quick-n-dirty, form-fillable PDF character sheet for Mythic Edition. All rights reserved by their  respective copyright holders yadda-yadda-yadda lawyer speech etc. Document provided as it, no warranty implied, more lawyer speech.

If anybody has a better choice than "Goudy" for a barbaric-but-legible font, let me know.

Sutek of the Seven Sigils


Greetings, this is where we meet. » Greetings, fellow Lemurian adventurers! » 6/23/2016 10:30 am

Howdy all. I made a form-fillable PDF of the BoL:ME character sheet. Just trying to find a convenient place to put it so you can download it.

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