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General discussion » What's on your BoL horizon? » 6/03/2016 11:22 am

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I just finished a one-shot scenario inspired by old '80-'90 action movies (with a touch of supernatural) set in Miami, using Dicey Tales/Dogs of W*A*R*. A sort of mix between Big Trouble in Little China and The Golden Child.
Worked great!

Next time I plan to run an over the top anime-styled epic fantasy scenario using the rules of the draft of League of Heroes, set in a world where technology is spreading and magic is dying, and the PCs are the last sons of the Gods.

Edit: even better, I should make them the last sorcerers, part of a dying (evil) race that came from the stars.
"The Last Sorcerer Kings". I like it.


Weird lands and forgotten islands » Firearms (Mythic) » 4/22/2015 11:02 am

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I'm late to the discussion too, anyway I've a related question for you all:
Which rules do you use for Ammo Checks?

Nobody likes taking track of bullets, and I like cinematic adventures... but...still I like when the hero has to toss away his gun and find another weapon/strategy, or the game would be boring (and realistically in a firefight nobody counts his shots, especially with automatic weapons).

Ammo Checks in BoTA makes you run out of bullets rolling double 5s (and 4s, 3s for rare weapons), but somewhere I've read using a roll of 3 (and also 4 for auto weapons) as depleting ammo.

Which is better?
any other idea?

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