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Weird lands and forgotten islands » OSR to BoL = Barbarians of the Crawl? » 8/07/2017 3:26 am

I totally had forgotten  about the Horde rules, it solved all my problems. I don`t think such a game necessarily need full on Spell lists. I wrote an option into my Hack allowing for players to kind of create their own spell lists. I am thinking along the lines of having pre written spells be cheaper in AP and easier to cast than free form casting. But I am still pondering if what I have is good.

Spell Preparation
Only Wizards can prepare spells in advance and memorize them prior to casting. Memorizing such a spell requires 10 minutes of uninterrupted time per Magnitude of the spell in addition to a good night's sleep. Doing this reduces the difficulty to cast it by 2. Memorizing also counts as one casting requirements for the purpose of AP calculation. Wizards can memorize spells of a total Magnitude equal to their rank in Magician + Mind. A memorized spell is retained in memory after casting it. They are only wiped when the caster is incapacitated for any reason.


Weird lands and forgotten islands » Barbarians of the Mushroom Kingdom » 8/07/2017 3:20 am

Cool and weird idea. If the powers feed of off AP then you can simply define them as Cantrips / Magnitude 1 / Magnitude 2 / Magnitude 3 Powers instead of adding extra boons. Boons could then lower AP Cost for specific powers/moves. I haven`t played Mario in ages, but couldn't Flowers and Stars Regenerate AP or provide a temporary boon that lowers AP cost for specific Powers significantly or something like that?

Weird lands and forgotten islands » OSR to BoL = Barbarians of the Crawl? » 7/25/2017 1:33 am

Hi Guys and Gals, 

I have been working on an OSR hack for BoL. on the G+ Group. I would love to hear what you think about it.

A topic I have found no good solution for yet is also monster conversion. There where some rough guidelines on Spriggan's Den and I believe they are OK and kind of work. Has anyone ever done a bigger conversion of the Monster Manual Classics to BoL?

As I also wrote on G+ a challenge for me is the reliance on rabble in BoL while this does not really exist in OSR games besides maybe swarms. If I want to really emulate the feeling of DCC or DnD or something in that lineage I would probably use only toughs and rabble only sparingly.  It may be a non issue to most of you but I am trying to set up a crawl game on Roll20 with all the bells and whistles when it comes to maps, and the normal rate of 10 Rabble per Character is just not something most classic "dungeons" could actually handle very well. :-)

I know Simon wrote the BoL Hack and that would make my live a tad easier maybe but I really love the basic BoL mechanics.


General rules (Legendary and before) » Converting Polyhedrals? » 7/03/2015 2:31 am

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I use to see propabillities and the like.

"Average" for 2dH is 4.47 for 2dL 2.53

General rules (Mythic) » The Damage » 7/03/2015 2:28 am

This sounds like a neat alternative. If you add a Boon dice to this equiation, does the player then have three dice to choose the damage from if it is not a H or L weapon? Or do you simply handle Boon with a different colored dice to sort it out? That you make big damage with a big to hit is not so bothersome but as you say kind of nice actually.

It is not a system I would use, as I say I miss a bit of granularity, but it sure sounds like a fast way to play.

General rules (Mythic) » The Damage » 6/29/2015 5:04 am

I use old initiative and borrow heavily from H+H, such a great BoL variant.

I can see damage and Initative in one roll, but adding in the attack roll as well seems hard to do. That would require at least 3 dice for every roll no? Do you have it conceptualized somewhere?

General rules (Mythic) » 2d10 House Rule » 6/29/2015 4:57 am

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That is true, but I think a reduced chance is actually a plus for me.

General rules (Mythic) » The Damage » 6/26/2015 1:46 am

And something I have been thinking about as an alternative: Using different dice sizes for weapon categories. I appreciate the simplicity of using only the d6 for everything, but with the new damage rules I feel a bit of granularity is missing for games that are not strictly Heroic S&S. I like Sci Fi and modern games and am pondering the option of using d6 d8 and d10 as damage dice, with H and L as well. Pistols and one handed weapons d6, rifles, machineguns and two handed weapons d8 and Grenades, Mortars or Rocket Launchers d10. This will make the game more deadly, but since the highest possible Damage is 10 there is still a good chance a character will take a Rocket Launcher hit and Survive. Anyone has experimented like this already?

General rules (Mythic) » Yes But, No But » 6/25/2015 6:57 am

I did not think about the higer odds of And/But occuring. Good way to tweak how often you want this to happen.

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