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General discussion » Sword & Sorcery Codex is Published!!! » 10/17/2023 8:51 am

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Quick question about martial / semi-martial characters. If I have a character with two semi-martial careers, do they get +2 to their combat stats in total (+1 for each), or just +1, and you need to have a martial career to get the +2 (if you have enough levels in it)?

If the latter, if I had 2 martial careers at level 1 (and none of them at level 2), would I get +1 or +2?

General rules (Mythic) » 2d10 House Rule » 10/11/2023 5:27 pm

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Sigulf wrote:

  I've been really thinking about going with 2d10 and a TN of 13.  But have not made the switch yet, my wife really likes the 2d6 simplicity of the system.  (I did buy a bunch of d10s a while back )

Did you do this at all? I've been considering 13 as the TN too (Lucky 13) so was wondering if you had any feedback, if you've gone for it.

Weird lands and forgotten islands » Fading Suns » 10/11/2023 7:37 am

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The link in the first post is dead - is there anywhere that I can see the Fading Suns  / BoL mash up notes?

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