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10/05/2017 7:54 am  #1

Your sources of inspiration

Last week I visited the British Museum and saw their excellent new exhibition ‘Scythians: warriors of ancient Siberia’. This instantly set my mind racing with ideas for a BoL game of nomad horse archers, and then I remembered that in our Heroes of Hellas game, my wife plays an Amazon horse archer (must revisit that game sometime – I loved HoH, and a Mythic edition HoH is in the works). The Amazon was totally badass – those poor Thracians didn’t stand a chance!

 In the last session of my Ancient Egyptian campaign the final location for the fight with the big bad (and monster there which attacked everyone on both sides) were stolen from a great short story called ‘Mouth of the Jaguar’, by Evan Dicken. This is available for free on the Heroic Fantasy Quarterly website – it can be found on Issue 20 in the archive.

Our very own G-Man had a story published in HFQ, set in Bronze Age Mesopotamia, which I confess I have yet to read. If it’s anything like his rpg stuff, it must be good.

Ideas and tropes from REH’s Conan stories have been ripped off by me many times for games set in BoL’s Lemurian setting, as have bits from detective novels and stories by Lovecraft. We live in a visual age, and tv and cinema have also inspired my BoL gaming – ‘The Wire’ informed the ways criminal gangs operated in both my Lemuria game and in the current Egyptian one.

So… books, films, tv, museums, computer games, paintings – what has inspired your BoL gaming? I’m not talking about straight hacks of BoL to play in a particular setting, but more monsters, tricks, traps, scams, organisations, villains, heroes, tropes, plots, and other ideas that you have stolen to fit into your BoL games.

What did you steal?

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Re: Your sources of inspiration

I'd always wanted to use a "Kick Murder Squad" in a game ever since I first saw Blade Runner. I finally used the KMS in an Agents of Oblivion (Savage Worlds) campaign I ran a while back. The players, who were working as a cell for the Oblivion organisation, had become bitter enemies with a NPC nick-named "Burn Face", It eventually led to a showdown when they heard that Burn-Face was leading a KMS unit for Pandora (the enemy of Oblivion) and they were hunting the PCs down. The players researched KMS units and it basically made them start to panic. The players decided they had to face the KMS on their terms and set a trap. When the showdown finally happened it didn't disappoint - I nearly had a TPK on my hands but the players just managed to survive and they still talk about the scene years later.

I just showed one of my players the Blade Runner movie (he'd never seen it before) and he did a double-take when he heard Zhora being described by Bryant

Needless to say I plagiarise from movies, books, fact, anything and everything is fair game to me...but the KMS was my favourite.

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Re: Your sources of inspiration

Yesterday my wife and I went to Tate Britain art gallery, and saw a rather lacklustre exhibition. The day was saved however, by a free exhibition at the gallery that we didn't know about - The Art of Ray Harryhausen, As well as sketches and drawing that Harryhausen had made for his various films, they also displayed three of his original models used in the making of those pictures - Pegasus, the gorgon Medusa, and best of all a skeleton warrior - always my favourite as a kid!

​The exhibition also features painting and sketches by the Victorian artists who inspired Harryhausen in the look of his landscapes and cities. 

​Even better, they had film trailers played onto one of the walls, all the Greek myth films and also the two Sinbad films. So, not only the original models but Caroline Munro as well!

​Now I'm really pumped to run some more Heroes of Hellas games.

My real name is Steve
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