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Honor + Intrigue Campaign: 1666

The game is set in the Bourdeaux region of France in 1666. Louis XIV reigns as the Sun King from his new palace in Versailes. King Charles II sits on the English throne. It is an age of art and culture. It is a time of burgeoning science and shadowy superstition. It is a world of Romance and Adventure, where mysteries, horrors, and wonders await yet undiscovered by man.

 Our Heroes found themselves at a carnival in the town of Mornay Pessac, celebrating the grape harvest. Many games of skill and chance with plenty of food and drink and entertainments made for a very enjoyable afternoon.
 Our Heroes for this session:Julie d'Aubigney: A swordswoman and opera singer with an eye for beauty and a thirst for adventure who lives life to the fullest.

 Wilhelm: A mercenary from the German principalities. He's been fighting in one damned army after another since he was seven. Now he is a guard in the town garrison, just hoping for a little peace.

 Alec MacRath: A Scotish noble whose home and parents were destroyed by an unknown terror. He pulled the family sword from the ashes and took his sister to France where his family also had a small estate.
 Alex's character (I don't recall a name): A Scotish warrior-bard who has come to the local university as a professor of English, Literature, Legend, and Rhetoric.

 (There are a couple of other characters made, but they were not part of Session 0).
 NPCs met in Session 0:Baron Isaac de Parthau du Vallon de Bracieux de Pierrefonds, (A retired musketeer formerly known as "Porthos") His barony is nearby and he can serve as a patron and contact to the party. He serves as a patron for a few of the PCs.

 Le Comtesse Angelique Du Mornay: The leader of the town and the largest landowner in the area. She is a patron of the arts and letters. She introduced herself to Julie and asked her to perform at the local theater next month, and has been considering building a proper opera house. She also commended Wilhelm on the job he was doing as a guard (breaking up a fight) and remembered his name (unusual for a noble).

 Sergeant Gaspar: A seemingly bumbling commander of the local garrison, he was "delayed" in relieving Wilhelm on guard duty because he was (winning) an eating contest. He gave Wilhelm a Livre and a sausage for his trouble. Gaspar is a very large and bombastic man whose uniform has been taken out a few times.

 Jean Garnier: He is the Comtesse’s Major Domo. He is described as being a bit creepy looking and is known about the town for being lecherous, but he has done his job well, and Madame le Comtesse has had no call to dismiss him. He seems to have been absent at the festival.

 Inquisitor Damien Montenegro: A Spanish priest, who has been sent to France allegedly as part of an agreement between the two nations (dating back to 1660, when the King married the Spanish Infanta Maria Teresa). He had a bit of a heated exchange with Julie when they bumped into each other as she rushed across the square to bring Clarisse some of her favorite (and ridiculously expensive) eclairs.

 Clarisse LeFleur: Daughter of the Innkeeper of the Fleur du Mont Inn, and the most beautiful girl in town. Julie lost a practice duel (with 5 sous on the line) because she caught her eye; they immediately got along. Clarisse had to attend to some chores while Julie tried to get her some eclairs from a very high-end bakery on the other side of the square.

 After some fun (and a few ruffled feathers) during the festival, Alec noticed the distant sound of a woman's scream. He ran for guards at the other side of the square. Wilhelm rushed to the side of the Comtesse du Mornay, sword and pistol in each hand. Father Montenegro drew steel as well. Julie grabbed a rope from the maypole and swung across the square onto a fruit cart and sprinted towards the scream. Seargent Gaspar dropped a turkey leg and also unsheathed his weapon. Alex's Scotsman ran towards the square where he grabbed an enemy's horse by the reigns and pulled it to the ground in a feat of pure strength, breaking the man's leg beneath the beast. Porthos unsheathed and grabbed a hunk of burning firewood in his offhand to fight off any ruffian who crossed his path. He cut down three men, but not before he had been both shot and stabbed. He will need a surgeon's care.

 Bandits rode on the town. The Comptess was attacked but managed to fend off some of the brutes with her fan, while Wilhelm and Damien defeated them (Montenegro used the hilt of his sword to knock one out.. he wants to question him). Heroes cut them down or shot them, and saved many townsfolk, but they could not save all. A number of bandits rode off after grabbing one of the local women and hoisting them over the saddle horn. Clarisse and Alec's sister (not yet named) are among the missing.

 Julie has ridden off at full gallop after them and had nearly caught the ruffians when a group of three of them broke off to fight her, allowing the others to get away. She must be extremely careful; the men still have hostages on their horses.

 In town, people have noticed that the only people kidnapped were young and attractive women of the village (though the bandits shot, stabbed, and trampled many other people)When our adventure continues, our Heroes will doubtless seek to vanquish the fiends and rescue the town's daughters.

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Re: Honor + Intrigue Campaign: 1666

Bloody brilliant!

I love the fact that Julie is included in the mix - a really great real life character, who proves that history provides often better rpg inspiration than fiction.

​Please keep us updated on the campaign - More! More! I want more!

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